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Chilling Buckets & Bowls

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Metal Buckets: Aluminum Stainless
Acrylic Buckets: Alaska Cubiteras Freezer Iceberg Igloo Marilyn New Wave Nice Quadra
  Salsa Saturne Smart Spade Tulip
Bowls: Aluminum Stainless Acrylic

Nice Gallery

New from Italy are the Nice acrylic buckets. They come with a beveled lip on the top edge and special ridges on the bottom inside that allows for single or multiple bottles to be placed in the most advantageous position. The Nice/Single is 9.25 inches high and 8.67 inches wide at the top. Imprintable area on the sides measures 3.15 inches square. The Nice/Magnum bucket is capable of holding two regular bottles of sparkling wine or one magnum bottle. It measures 9.21 inches high and 11 inches long, it has a 4.72 inch square imprintable area on the sides.

Nice Single
Nice Single
Nice Magnum
Nice Magnum - 2-bottle config
Nice Magnum
Nice Magnum - 1-bottle config