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Pulltap's Clic Cut Toldeo Brucart Chateau Laguiole
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Clic Cut Pullparrot Gallery

New from Pulltex is the Clic Cut Professional Pullparrot corkscrew. Using the basic Pullparrot design, this model features a special knob on the capsule cutting blade that makes it easy to open and close the blade with your thumb. Designed to speed up the process of serving wine in restaurants, it is ideal for home use as well. Available in seven colors (black, dark blue, dark green, burgundy, red, orange, yellow, white) and a special chrome finish gift version.


The Clic Cut may be the perfect wine waiter corkscrew, with its comfortable ergonomic handle, retractable button lever, and blade opening knob.


How it's done

The Clic Cut with a chrome finish offers a very upscale version of this highly efficient corkscrew at an affordable price. Personalization is offered by laser engraving on the handle.




Clic Cut Pullparrots come in individual cardboard sleeves with drawings on the side to show how to use the blade knob, in inner cartons of five pieces.