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Rialto Stainless Zig Zag

Zig Zag Corkscrews Gallery

The Zig-Zag corkscrew is considered a 'living antique,' an exact copy of the original Zig-Zag corkscrew first invented and still produced in France. Often found in antique corkscrew collections, this wonderfully inventive tool features the same curved handle and spring loaded crossed nickel plated metal bands of the original.

Each comes in a gift box that is identical to the original packaging, offering wine lover a fine means of removing corks as well as the joy of owning a brand new antique.

Zig Zag-1

To use, just screw the worm into the cork, grasp the curved metal handle, pull up sharply, and the metal bands expand and remove the cork with a satisfying POP! The hole in the handle allows it to be hung up in the kitchen or wine cellar for ease of use, making a delightful wall decoration.

The Zig-Zag comes in master cartons of 24 gift boxed corkscrews, each wrapped in clear plastic. An ideal gift item for the wine lover and a fine promotional product for the wine trade