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Bottle Stoppers

T.W. MCGUIRE INTERNATIONAL offers a wide choice of sparkling and still wine bottle stoppers for every need and budget. All can be personalized and have been selected for their strength, long lifespan, and construction with materials that cannot affect the wine in any way. These include the following:


Pulltex AntiOx Wine Stopper New item!
Pulltex is introducing its revolutionary AntiOx stopper for still wines that keep wines in perfect condition for up to ten days after the bottle is open. No need to create a vacuum in the bottle or add an inert gas. The patented AntiOx carbon filter keeps the wine from oxidizing without any added effort. Two models are being offered: a promotional model with a metal disk on the top that can be personalized, and a retail packaged model for consumer sales. This is the perfect solution for on premise wine by the glass programs, as you merely place the stopper on the bottle to seal it and pull it off to pour wine. That's all.

Pulltex packaging
Pulltex promo Pulltex packaging


Picture of Wine Saver

Pulltap's Vacuum Pump Wine Saver
A perfect way to keep an open bottle of still wine fresh, the Wine Saver combines bottle stopper and vacuum pump in one unit. Just place over an open bottle, pump the cap up and down to remove the air, and you're done. Excellent for on premise promotion of wine sales by the glass, it can be personalized on the top and side. Comes in black, white, burgundy, navy blue, and dark green, in inner cartons of six pieces, 120 per master carton. Also available in individual cardboard boxes.


Pulltap's Champagne Cork Remover/Stopper
Combines a champagne and sparkling wine cork remover with a stopper to keep the bubbles in after the bottle is open. Print area on side measures 30 x 40mm. Available in black, white, navy blue, burgundy, and green. Comes in inner boxes of 12 pieces, 120 per master carton.

Picture of Cork Remover/Stopper Picture of Cork Remover/Stopper


Millesime Acrylic Sparling Wine Bottle Stopper
The Millesime offers an elegant and stylish way of capping open bottles of sparkling wine at a very low price. Its two acrylic arms snap on under the lower rim of the bottle and can be placed on or taken off with one hand. Offered in transparent orange, blue, and rose, and clear, as well as solid black and white. Personalization by hot stamp or tampograph. Perfect for the bar and restaurant trade or as an add-on to a bottle for retail sales. Comes in individual sealed bags, in plastic bags of 30 pieces, 300 per master carton.

Picture of Millesime Stoppers Picture of Millesime Stopper Picture of Millesime Stopper
Picture of Millesime Stopper Picture of Millesime Stopper


The Slide Stopper
A new and innovative stopper for champagne and sparkling wine with just one moving part, making it practically indestructable. On the underside a nipple piece slides from a larger to a smaller circular opening. To use, slide the nipple to the larger circle, then push the nipple down into the mouth of the bottle and press down with the palm of the hand on the top of the stopper. To secure, slide the top piece over, which locks it in place. To remove just slide back and pull out. Available with printed label or polydome personalized top.


The Model 18C
Chrome finish single arm stopper capable of holding up to six atmospheres. Personalization by imprinting, label, or polydome. Available with gold finish.


The Model 19/20R
Single arm stopper with plastic top. Inexpensive and long lasting, it can be personalized the same way as the 18C.


The Le Bouchon armless bottle stopper
Nickle plate cap over spring loaded stopper which is 'tipped' onto the mouth of the bottle and then pushed down and turned to the right to lock into place. Very strong. Pesonalization by metal labels on top of cap.


The Double Arm
Traditional nickle plate twin arm bottle stopper with plastic nipple. Personalized with label on top of cap.


The 41N still wine stopper
Black, red, or black & red plastic stopper fits all still wine bottles with an airtight seal. Elegantly designed, these inexpensive stoppers come with the same type of nipple as with the 18C. Personalized with imprint, label, or polydome top.